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Detailseite Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lüdeke

Roger Lüdeke

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roger Lüdeke
Gebäude: 23.32
Etage/Raum: 04.23
+49 211 81-12964 +49 211 81-11443
  • Curriculum vitae

    Curriculum vitae

    Since 2008
    Chair of Modern English Literature, Head of Department
    Institute for English and American Studies, HHUD

    Winter Semester 2007/08
    Acting-Chair of General and Comparative Literary Studies
    LMU, Munich

    Summer Semester 2007
    Acting Chair of English Studies
    LMU, Munich

    Winter Semester 2007
    Habilitation (‘second book’): Ästhetische Souveränität und das politische Imaginäre des 18. Jahrhunderts. Zur Schreibkunst von William Blake [Aesthetic Sovereignty and the Political Imagination of the 18th Century: on William Blake’s Art of Writing]
    Supervisors: Profs. Christoph Bode, Hendrik Birus, Hans Walter GablerExaminers: Profs. Ulla Haselstein, Christoph Reinfandt
    LMU, Munich

    Summer Semester 2006
    Research and Teaching Fellow in the research project: “Beginnings of/in the Modern Age”, funded by DFG (German Research Foundation)
    Research-project on the beginnings of the Anglo-American concept of ‘world literature’ in the field of national philologies. Director: Prof. Dr. Inka Mülder-Bach (LMU, Munich)

    Winter Semester 2003/04
    Academic Coordinator
    Graduate School “Literary Studies” (International PhD Programme),
    funded by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and DFG
    LMU, Munich
    Duties included: coordination and organisation of classes; supervision of participating doctoral candidates; organisation of publicity events and marketing; financial administration; selection of candidates; organisation of extra-curricular events and activities; internal evaluation; coordination with non-academic university departments (for example, international office, student council, central student counselling) and the DAAD; fundraising and alumni care.

    Winter Semester 2002/03-Summer Semester 2003
    Acting Assistant Professor of General and Comparative Literary Studies
    LMU, Munich

    Winter Semester 2001/2002
    Research and Teaching Fellow in the Research Project “Compendium of Textual Scholarship”,
    funded by DFG
    LMU, Munich

    Winter Semester 2000/01-Summer Semester 2001
    Post-doctoral scholarship,
    funded by DAAD and the Maison des sciences de l’homme, Paris

    PhD (summa cum laude)
    LMU, Munich
    Dissertation: “Das Revisionssystem von Henry James” [The Revisionary System of Henry James]
    Supervisor: Prof. Hans Walter Gabler
    Examiners: Profs. Hendrik Birus, Ulla Haselstein.

    Research Scholar in the Graduate School “Text criticism as Foundation and Method of the Historical Disciplines”,
    funded by DFG
    LMU, Munich
    Director: Prof. Hans Walter Gabler

    Magister Artium (1,6)
    LMU, Munich
    Major: English; Minor: Comparative Studies, Spanish Literary Studies.
    Magister thesis: “Form und Funktion des Fantastischen” [On the Form and Function of Fantastic Literature]
    Supervisors: Profs. Hans Walter Gabler and Werner Wolf.

    Visiting Student
    English Department, Birbeck College, University of London

    Visiting Student
    “Lengua y Literatura Hispánicas“,
    Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (México, D.F.)

    Visiting Student
    Universidad de Sevilla: “Lengua y Literatura Hispánicas”.

    Part-Time Technical Translator (English > German):
    AT/T, Siemens/Nixdorf, CompuServe, Microsoft, Markt und Technik, Lucent Technologies, Sybex, mitp.

  • Grants and Awards

    Grants and Awards

    April 2010Symposium: (with Reinhold Görling, Media Studies ) “Gewalt und Theatralität“ [Violence and Theatricality] in Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus [Municipal Theatre]. Funded by DFG. (20.000 €)
    Januar 2010Conference: “Die Popularität der Literatur“ [The Popularity of Literature], Malkasten, Düsseldorf. Funded by Dr. Günther- and Imme-Wille-Foundation. (20.000 €)
    April 2008Symposium: (with Sebastian Donat, Stephan Packard, Viriginia Richter), “Poetische Gerechtigkeit“ [Poetic Justice] Siemens-Stiftung München. Funded by DFG. (20.000 €)
    Summer 2007Award for the best habilitation from the German Association of English Studies 2004-07 (1.500 €)
    24.-26.1.2003Symposium: “Text and Borders: the Borders of the Text” Brenner-Archive, University Innsbruck. Funded by the Volkswagen-Foundation. (20.000 €)
    SS 00/01Post-doctoral Scholarship. Funded by DAAD and Maison des sciences de l’homme (Paris).
    WS 99/00Research Fellow in the Research Project: “Kompendium der Editionswissenschaft“ [Compendium of Textual Scholarship]. Funded by DFG. (Profs. Hans Walter Gabler, Anne Bohnenkamp).
    WS 96/97-98/99Research Scholar in the Graduate School “Textual Criticism as Foundation and Method of the Historical Disciplines”, funded for three years by DFG.
  • Conferences/Symposia/Event Organisation

    Conferences / Symposia / Event Organisation

    22nd-23rd Jan. 2015
    Workshop Organiser: “The Materiality of Literary Production - Genetic Readings”
    (with Hans Walter Gabler, Dirk van Hulle, Ronan Crowley)

    HHU Düsseldorf

    23th-24th May 2014
    Workshop Organiser: Environment/Umwelt.” Workshop organized by research group "World Networks/Fictional Worlds"
    HHU Düsseldorf

    6th-7th Nov. 2013
    Workshop Organiser: “Aesthetic Sovereignty” [Aesthetische Souveränität]

    HHU Düsseldorf 

    Winter term 2013 / 14
    Convener of the lecture series
    “Possible Worlds”: lecture series of the “Research Institute for the Middle Ages and the Renaissance” (FIMUR)
    HHU Düsseldorf

    27th Sept. 2013
    Supervisor of the English and American Studies Department contribution to the first SCIENCITY DÜSSELDORF 2013

    Funded by ERC (European Research Council)
    HHU Düsseldorf

    May-July 2012
    Convener of the lecture series “Little House of Horrors: Case Studies on Film” (with Sven Ondrazek MA)

    HHU Düsseldorf

    15th-17th Apr. 2010
    Conference Organiser: “Violence and Theatricality”[Gewalt und Theatralität] (with Prof. Reinhold Görling, Media Studies)

    Funded by DFG
    Schauspielhaus (Municipal Theatre) Düsseldorf

    7th-10th Jan. 2010
    Conference Organiser: “The Popularity of Literature” [
    Die Popularität der Literatur],
    Funded by Dr. Günther- and Imme-Wille-Foundation.
    Malkasten, Düsseldorf

    20th-23rd Sept. 2009
    Organiser and Moderator of the panel: “Historicising the Popular” (with Prof. Christian Huck, Kiel)

    Annual National Conference of English Studies 2009, University of Klagenfurt

    20th-23rd Sept. 2009
    Forum Convener and Moderator:
    “The Unity of the Subject of English Studies: Who wants it? Who practices it?  How is it created?” [Die Einheit des Fachs ‘Anglistik: Wer will sie? Wer praktiziert sie? Worin besteht sie?] with Profs. Liselotte Anderwald (Kiel), Ute Berns (Hamburg) and Christian Huck (Kiel).
    Annual National Conference of English Studies 2009, University of Klagenfurt

    25th-28th Mar. 2009
    Organiser of the round table discussion
    Methods in English and American Culture, Language and Literature Studies (with Profs. Lieselotte Anderwald, Alexander Bergs, Ute Berns, Christian Huck, Birgit Neumann and Erik Redling).
    Funded by DFG.
    Bad Bederkesa Conference Centre

    3rd-17th Aug. 2008
    Organiser and Moderator:
    Semiotic Guerrilla” at “FICTION + REALITY: Resisting Texts 1900-2008”
    LMU Munich, Summer School

    11th-12th July 2008
    Workshop Organiser: “Tabula Rasa and Zero Points” for the Research Group, “Beginnings of/in the Modern Age” [Anfänge (in) der Moderne]
    (with Prof. Aage Hansen-Löve)
    LMU Munich

    15th-16th April 2008
    Symposium Organiser: Poetic Justice [Poetische Gerechtigkeit]
    (with Profs. Viriginia Richter, Sebastian Donat, Stephan Packard)
    Funded by DFG
    Siemens-Foundation Munich

    8th-9th July 2006
    Symposium Organiser: “Libraries after Babel” [Bibliotheken nach Babel]

    Kloster Seeon Conference Centre (Graduate School “Literary Studies”)
    Funded by DAAD
    LMU Munich

    Winter term 2005/06
    Convener of the lecture series:
    European Drama of the Modern Period” [Theater im Aufbruch: Das europäischen Drama der Frühen Neuzeit] (with Virginia Richter)
    LMU Munich

    Convenor of the concluding panel discussion at Münchener Kammerspiele [Municipal Theatre],  with Andreas Höfele, Sigrid Löffler, Marion Tiedtke, Lars Ole Walburg.

    18th-19th June 2005
    Symposium Organiser: “Poetry and the Literary Sciences” [Poesie und Literaturwissenschaft]
    (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, LMU Munich)
    Kloster Seeon Conference Centre

    8th-12th September 2004
    Panel Organiser: Literature and Science: Theoretical and Historical Approaches

    Conference of the European Society of English Studies, Zaragoza, Spain

    2nd-4th July 2004
    Colloquium Organiser of the International Doctorate Colloquium of the “Paris Program in Critical Theory”
    (Prof. Samuel Weber, Northwestern University, Evanston) and the Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, Munich (Prof. Dr. Ulla Haselstein)
    Amerikahaus, Munich

    19th-20th June 2004
    Symposium Organiser:
    Beginning: Methods and Functions” [Anfänge: Verfahren und Funktionen], (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, LMU Munich)
    Kloster Seeon Conference Centre

    5th-7th Dec 2003
    Symposium Organiser: “Theory and Aesthetics of Repetition” [Theorie und Ästhetik der Wiederholung]
    (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, LMU Munich)
    Kloster Seeon Conference Centre

    24th-26th Jan 2002
    Symposium Organiser:
    Text and Border: The Borders of the Text” [Text und Grenze: Die Grenzen des Textes] (with Wolfgang Streit, and Cristina Urchueguía)
    Funded by Volkswagen-Foundation
    Brenner Archive, University of Innsbruck

    24th-28th July 2002
    Symposium Organiser: “Textual Criticism as the Challenge of Cultural Theory”
    [Textkritik als Herausforderung der Kulturwissenschaft] (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, LMU Munich)
    Kloster Seeon Conference Centre

    27th July - 2nd Aug. 1998
    Symposium Organiser of “Text and Author” [Text und Autor]

    (Graduate School:  “Textual Criticism” [Textkritik], LMU Munich)
    Venice International University

  • Teaching


    At Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf:

    Funded teaching projects

    • “Film and Knowledge”
      Workshop in cooperation with the Flim Museum Düsseldorf
      (Summer Semester 08 - Summer Semester 10)
    • “Everyday narratives”
      Lecture series involving international and inter-disciplinary contributors
      (Summer Semester 2011 - Winter Semester 2011/12)

    Research Colloquiums

    • Co-Founder of the Research Colloquium in English and American Literary Studies
    • Co-Founder of the English Literary and Media Studies Research Colloquium (see below)

    Seminars and lectures

    Methods (Text analysis / film analysis)

    • B.A.: How to Read (WS 16/17)
    • M.A.: Genetic Criticism: Concepts & Case Studies (SS 15)
    • M.A.: The Practice of Reading Literature (WS 14/15)
    • B.A.: TV-Series (WS 13/14)
    • M.A.: Story + Telling: The Logics of the Plot (SS 12)
    • B.A.: Closer! Reading Drama (WS 11/12)
    • M.A.: Comedy (WS 10/11, WS 14/15)
    • M.A.: Studying Film (WS 10/11)
    • B.A.: ‘Reading with a Thesis’: An Introduction to Literary Theory and Cultural History (lecture) (SS 09)

    Literature as Medium

    • M.A.: “I'm ready for my close-up”: The Concept of Melodrama (SS 12)
    • M.A.: Understanding Media: The Extension of 19th Century Literature (WS 08/09)
    • B.A.: The Popularity of Literature (Workshop accompanying the symposium) (WS 09/10)
    • M.A.: Pop, Popularity and Popularisation: A Trans-literary Concept (WS 08/09)

    Literature and Sociality

    • M.A.: Europe: Inside/Out (SS 16)
    • M.A.: Reading Theories of Europe (SS 16)
    • M.A.: Narrative and Affect, or the Sense of an Ending of Modernity (SS 13)
    • PhD: Non-symbolic Forms of Community (with Reinhold Görling) (SS 12)
    • M.A.: Mysticism (Part II) (WS 11/12)
    • M.A.: Love Poetry from Shakespeare to the Modern Age (WS 11/12)
    • PhD: “Affects” – Research Colloquium (with Reinhold Görling) (WS 11/12)
    • M.A.: Family Drama (SS 11)
    • M.A.: The Novel of Manners (WS 10/11)
    • M.A.: Aesthetic Interaction and Social Practice (WS 09/10)
    • PhD: Systems/Environments vs. Chaosmos: On the Theory of Mediated Processes and Aesthetic Interaction (with Reinhold Görling) (SS 11)

    Ethics of Literature

    • M.A.: Ethics of Literature? (WS 16/17)
    • M.A.: How Human is the Novel? (WS 15/16)
    • M.A.: Early Modern Tragedy (SS 11)
    • M.A.: The Polities of Contemporary Drama (WS 09/10)
    • M.A.: William Blake: Radical Popular Culture and Religious Imagination (SS 08)

    Genre and History

    • B.A.: William Blake’s Art of Writing (WS 15/16)
    • M.A.: Modernisms  (SS 14)
    • M.A.: Realisms (SS 14)
    • M.A.: 18th Century Aesthetic Theory  (WS 13/14)
    • M.A.: Gothic Fiction (WS 13/14)
    • M.A.: Shakespearean Tragedy (SS 13)
    • M.A.: The Other Genre: Theory and Practice of the Modern Novel (SS 13)
    • M.A.: Romance and Fiction (SS 10)
    • B.A.: Romanticism (SS 10)
    • M.A.: The Worlds of Romanticism (WS 09/10)
    • B.A.: Metaphysical Poetry (SS 09)
    • B.A.: From Shakespeare to Wilde: How Funny is Comedy? (WS 08/09)


    Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich (1999-2008)


    Compulsory core modules in the departments of English Philology and General & Comparative Literary Studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as in the post-graduate programme (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”)

    Introductory courses

    • Introduction to General and Comparative Literary Sciences (2006/07, 2005/06, 2002/03)
    • M.A.: Shakespearean Tragedy (WS 07/08)
    • M.A.: Décadence – the Prose of Decay (WS 07/08)
    • M.A.: Romantic Poetry (WS 07/08)
    • M.A.: How Theatrical is Theatre? (with Stephen Packard) (WS 07/08)
    • M.A.: Contemporary Drama as Political Theatre (SS 07)
    • M.A.: Popular Culture – Popular Literature? Hornby, Ellis, Kureishi, Welsh, Smith (SS 07)
    • M.A.: ‘March on, World Literature!’: On the History of a Concept in England and Germany (SS 07)
    • B.A.: Studying Narrative (SS 07)
    • B.A.: Comedy of the 18th Century: Steele, Goldsmith, Sheridan, Marivaux, Lessing (WS 06/07)
    • B.A.: Pop-Literature: Hornby, Ellis, Stuckrad-Barre, Kracht, Goetz (SS 06)
    • B.A.: Contemporary Drama as Political Theatre: Ravenhill, Kane, Brecht, Pollesch (SS 06)
    • B.A.: Realism: Thackeray, Dickens, Stendhal, Fontane, Dostojewskij (SS 05)
    • PhD: Workshop: “On Contextualization in Literary Studies” (SS 05)
    • B.A.: Drama in the Early Modern Period: Shakespeare, Webster, Calderón, Racine (with Virginia Richter) (WS 04/05)
    • PhD: Workshop: “The Inside of Texts’ Outside” (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”) (WS 04/05)
    • B.A.: What is ‘Text’? (SS 04)
    • PhD: Workshop: “On the Eventfulness of Literary Texts” (Academy Tutzing) (SS 04)
    • B.A.: Film Analysis for Literary Scholars (with Sebastian Donat) (WS 03/04)
    • PhD: Workshop: “The Outside of Texts’ Inside” (WS 03/04)
    • B.A.: Studying Poetry (SS 03)
    • B.A.: Intermediality – Poe, Mallarmé and Manet (SS 03)
    • B.A.: Media History of Literature? (WS 02/03)
    • B.A.: Theory of Authorship: Auster, Goetz, Ponge (SS 02)
    • B.A.: Introduction to Analytical Aesthetics: Twombly, Mapplethorpe (WS 01/02)
    • B.A.: Literature as Discourse: On the Literary Theory of Michel Foucault (SS 01)
    • B.A.: Theories of Reading (SS 00)
    • B.A.: Systems Theory as Method of Literary Scholarship: Sterne and Diderot (WS 99/00)
  • Publications


    All publications in English are marked as separate.


    • Zur Schreibkunst von William Blake. Ästhetische Souveränität und politische Imagination. München: Fink 2013 (Periplus. Münchner Studien zur Literaturwissenschaft). Review
      • Review: Erle, Sibylle. Roger Lüdeke, Zur Schreibkunst von William Blake: Ästhetische Souveränität und politische Imagination. München: Fink 2013. In: Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly, vol. 50, no.4, 2017.
    • Wiederlesen. Revisionspraxis und Autorschaft bei Henry James. Tübingen: Stauffenburg-Verlag 2002 (ZAA-Studies 14). Review

    Edited volumes

    • Poetische Gerechtigkeit. Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf University Press 2012 (with Sebastian Donat, Stephan Packard & Virginia Richter).
    • Kommunikation im Populären. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf ein ganzheitliches Phänomen. Bielefeld: Transcript 2011.
    • Theater im Aufbruch: Das europäische Drama der Frühen Neuzeit. Tübingen: Niemeyer (=Theatron) 2008 (with Virginia Richter). Review
    • Raumtheorie. Grundlagentexte aus Philosophie und Kulturwissenschaften. Frankfurt/M: Suhrkamp 2006 (stw 1800). (with Jörg Dünne, Stephan Günzel, Hermann Doetsch). Review
    • Wiederholen – Literarische Funktionen und Verfahren. Göttingen: Wallstein-Verlag 2006 (with Inka Mülder-Bach).
    • Text and Border – The Borders of the Text (= Variants 4: Journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship 2005) (with Wolfgang Streit, Cristina Urchueguía).
    • Texte zur Theorie des Texts. Stuttgart: Reclam 2005 (with Stephan Kammer).
    • Intermedium Literatur. Beiträge zu einer Medientheorie der Literaturwissenschaft. Göttingen: Wallstein-Verlag 2004 (with Erika Greber).
    • Von Pilgerwegen, Schriftspuren und Blickpunkten. Raumpraktiken in medienhistorischer Perspektive. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2004. (with Jörg Dünne & Hermann Doetsch).


    • "World Literature in Western Europe: The Early Modern Age", in: Vittoria Borso (ed.): Weltliteratur. Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter. (accepted)
    • "Novel Impossibilities: Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey", in: Vittoria Borsò, Lorenz Engell, Christiane Voss (eds.): Latency and the Possible – Latencies of the Possible. Bielefeld/New York: Columbia UP. (accepted)
    • "Political Mysticism. William Blake’s America", in: Ralf Haekel (ed.): A Handbook of British Romanticism. Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter. (accepted)
    • "Novel Affects: 
Reading Practice in Narrative Environments", in: POETICA. Zeitschrift für Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft. 47/1-2 (2015), 25-50.
    • "Gothic Truth and Mimetic Practice: on the Realism of Schiller's Geisterseher", in: European Romantic Review, 28/1 (2017), 37-50.
    • "Narrative Form is a Dangerous Sport! Affective Environments in Laurence Sterne's A Sentimental Journey", in: Birgit Neumann & Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp (eds.): Emotionen, Wissen und Aufklärung: Gefühlskulturen im Großbritannien des 18. Jahrhunderts. Special Issue of Das Achtzehnte Jahrhundert (2015, 2), 209-220.
    • “The Eigensinn of Literary Things: Reading Social Practices with Robinson Crusoe”, in: Birgit Neumann (ed.): Präsenz und Evidenz fremder Dinge im Europa des 18. Jahrhunderts. Göttingen: Wallstein 2015, 377-394.
    • "Plot and Providence: Re-framing Robinson Crusoe," in: Ellen Harlizius-Klück, Slavko Kacunko, Hans Körner (eds.): Framings. Berlin: logos 2015, 235-246.
    • "Formationen literarischer Raumgeschichte", in: Jörg Dünne und Andreas Mahler (eds.): Handbuch Literatur & Raum. Berlin: De Gruyter 2015, 286-297.
    • "Mikropolitik des Schreibens. Zur Biopoetik von William Blake", in: Vittoria Borsò (ed.): Affirmative Biopoetik. Bielefeld: transcript 2015, 211-244.
    • "Arbeit am Theater der Frühen Neuzeit. William Shakespeares Kaufmann von Venedig", in: Jürgen Wiener (ed.): Der Wert der Arbeit. Düsseldorf: dup 2015, 301-314.
    • "Kontingenz-Spiele und religiöser Ernst. Fiktionales Erzählen in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", in: Dirk Kretzschmar, Christine Lubkoll, Dirk Niefanger, Stefan Schukowski (eds.): Spiel und Ernst: Formen — Poetiken — Zuschreibungen. Zum Gedenken an Erika Greber. Würzburg: Ergon 2014, 139-150.
    • "Contemporary British Drama: In-Yer-Face or Post-Political Theatre? Sarah Kane’s Blasted and Mark Ravenhill’s Shopping and Fucking."  In: Sibylle Baumbach, Birgit Neumann & Ansgar Nünning (eds.): A History of British Drama: Genres – Developments –Interpretations. Trier: WVT 2012, 381-198.
    • "Zu Geschichte, Formen und Inhalten poetischer Gerechtigkeit"[with Sebastian Donat, Stephan Packard and Virginia Richter]. In: Sebastian Donat, Roger Lüdeke, Stephan Packard and Virginia Richter (eds.), Poetische Gerechtigkeit. Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf University Press 2012, 9-36.
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    Contributions to encyclopedias

    Miscellaneous articles on anglophone authors for Lexikon der Weltliteratur: Autoren und Werke. Ed. Gero von Wilpert. 4th rev. edition. Stuttgart: Kröner 2004.


    • "Roman Jakobson: On the Verbal Art of William Blake and Other Poet-Painters", in: Linguistic Inquiry. 1 (1970): 3-10. (for: Roman Jakobson: Poesie der Grammatik und Grammatik der Poesie. Sämtliche Gedichtanalysen. Kommentierte deutsche Ausgabe, 2 Bde. Hendrik Birus u. Sebastian Donat (eds.), Berlin, New York: De Gruyter 2007, Bd. 2, 1-43).
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  • Conferences, Papers and Workshops

    Conferences, Papers and Workshops (selected)

    Invited participation (international):

    Novel Ecologies: Virginia Woolf’s Writing Scenes
    21st World Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association
    Vienna, Sat, July 23rd 2016

    Plot and Providence: Framing the 18th Century Novel
    FRAMINGS: Interdisciplinary Conference on Frames
    University of Copenhagen, 29th November-1st December 2013

    Keynote: Versions Matter (“Variance in textual scholarship and genetic criticism/La variance en philologie et dans la critique génétique”)
    10th Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS 2013)
    École Normale supérieure, Paris, 22nd - 24th November 2013

    Keynote: Contingencies of Comparison and the Impossible Coordinates of a World Literature System
    Conference: Coordinates of Comparison
    29th August-1st September 2007, University of Alberta, Canada.

    Intermediality as Media Criticism: on the Discourse of 1989 in Rainald Goetz’s Festung
    12th Sorak-Symposium 2004 German Literature und Culture in the Process of Reunification.
    Hosted by the Korean Society for German Philology in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), 7th- 10th October 2004, Yang-Yang, Kangwon-Do, South Korea

    Topology of Exception: Sarah Kane’s Blasted [Topologie der Ausnahme: Sarah Kanes “Blasted“]
    Workshop: Space and Staging in Ancient and Modern Theatre  [Rauminszenierungen und Raumeffekt im antiken und modernen Theater]
     Universität Graz, 10th June 2011

    Keynote: Naked Violence: the Politics of Theatre in Shakespeare and Kane [Nackte Gewalt. Zum Politischen bei Shakespeare und Kane]
    Evening talk at the summer academy of the German National Academic Foundation [Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes]
    Guidel (France), 11th September 2008

    Invited Participation (national):

    Novel Impossibilities! Some Remarks on Narrative Environments.
    International Conference “Latency and the Possible – Latencies of the Possible”,
    IKKM Weimar, 11th to 12th December 2014

    Keynote: Towards a Poetics of Failure
    International Conference “You were not expected to do this”,
 Graduate School “Materiality and Production”
    Haus der Universität Düsseldorf, 3rd April 2014

    The Novel's Novelty - Studies in the History of Aesthetic Interaction
    Universität Konstanz, Fachbereich Literaturwissenschaft,
 4th February 2014

    Keynote: The Eigensinn of Things in Robinson Crusoe (“Presence and Evidence of Foreign Things in 18th Century Europe”
    Annual Conference of the German Society for the Exploration of the 18th Century
    Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, 9th to 11th September 2013)

    The Limits of Mysticism [Die Grenzen der Mystik]
    Lecture series “Anfang und Ende” [Beginning and Ending]
    LMU Munich, 25th January 2012

    The Sociability of Literature - Interaction as an Aesthetic Concept
    Invited Talk
    Jacobs University Bremen, 27th April 2011

    Blake and Mass Media [Blake und die Massenmedien]
    German-British Society
    Schloss Jägerhof Düsseldorf, 18th January 2010

    Postscriptum: Shakespeare’s Justice [Nachtrag: Shakespeares Gerechtigkeit]
    Conference: Performativity and Media of Memory
    Giessen, CRC Commemorative Cultures, 14th-15th November 2008

    Additional papers (international and national):


    The Material Art of Abstraction: Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse [Die materielle Form der Abstraktion: Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse]
    International Conference: "Médiations matérielles et dialogues franco-allémandes/Materielle Mediationen im französisch-deutschen Dialog/Material Mediations: French-German Dialogues"
    Hôtel de Lauzun, Paris, 18th-20th March 2015

    World and Earth in Heidegger’s Essay on the Work of Art [Welt und Erde in Heideggers Kunstwerk-Aufsatz]
    Workshop: “World and/or Earth” [“Welt und/oder Erde”] for Research Group ‘World Networks’ [‘Weltnetzwerke’]
    Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, 31st May-1st June 2013

    Contingency-Games and Religious Solemnity: Fictional Narrative in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight [Kontingenz-Spiele und religiöser Ernst: Fiktionales Erzählen in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight]
    Conference “Game and Solemnity: Forms and Poetics” For Erika Greber, in memoriam [“Spiel und Ernst. Formen – Poetiken – Zuschreibungen für Erika Greber”]
    Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 12th-14th October 2012

    Spectacular Archaism and Broken Spectacle: the Political Theatre of Sarah Kane and Mark Ravenhill [Spektakulärer Archaismus und  gebrochenes Spektakulum. Zum Polit-Theater von Sarah Kane und Mark Ravenhill]
    Conference:  “Violence and Theatricality” [“Gewalt und Theatralität”]
    Düsseldorf Municipal Theatre [Schauspielhaus] 17th April 2010

    Siggener Think Tank: Knowledge Change and Knowledge Innovation in the Humanities
    Funded by Alfred-Toepfer-Foundation
    Siggen Conference Centre, 17th-19th July 2009

    World-Fictions of the Novel: on the Ideology of a Popular Genre [Welt-Fiktionen im Roman. Zur Ideologie eines populären Genres]
    Workshop: World Fictions [Weltfiktionen]
    University of Erfurt Gotha, 3rd July 2009

    A Lock of Hair, a Purse and a Bag: on the Function of Gift in the Goethe / Carlyle Correspondence [Locke, Börse, Täschchen. Zur Funktion der Briefbeigabe in der Goethe/Carlyle-Korrespondenz]
    Conference: The Letter: Event and Object [Der Brief – Ereignis und Objekt]
    University of Frankfurt/Main, 6th-9th November 2008

    Stating the Sovereign Self: Polity, Policy, and Politics on the Early Modern Stage (with Andreas Mahler)
    Conference: Solo Performances. Staging the Early Modern Self
    Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) Cultures of Performativity [Kulturen des Performativen] Free University Berlin, 22nd-25th November 2007

    Cut-Up? Playback! The Politics of Prophecy in William S. Burroughs and William Blake
    Conference: Romanticism Today
    University of Tübingen, 4th-7th October 2007 

    New! Greed! Taboo! On the so-called ‘Pop Novel’: Bret Easton Ellis and Nick Hornby [Neu. Gier. Tabu. Zum sogenannten ›Poproman‹: Bret Easton Ellis und Nick Hornby]
    Conference: Curiosity and Taboo: Rules and Myths of Knowledge [Neugier und Tabu. Regeln und Mythen des Wissens]
    CRC Cultures of Performativity [Kulturen des Performativen]
    FU Berlin, 13th-15th September 2007

    Swinging London in Film: Antonini’s Blow Up [Swinging London im Film: Antonionis Blow Up]
    Conference: The Summer of Love – It was 40 years ago today: The Beatles und Pop Culture of 1966 [The Summer of Love – It was 40 years ago today: Die Beatles und die Popkultur von 1966.
    Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt, Austria, 20th-22nd June 2007

    Naturalizing Genocide: States of Exception in Rwandan Discourse
    Conference of the Society of the New Anglophone Literatures (GNEL)
    Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, 17th -20th May 2007

    Simulated Hand-Writing in William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience
    Symposium: Remediating Handwriting as a Cultural Practice in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
    Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 17th – 18th June, 2004

    ‘Nonsensical Similarity’: Media Change as Reflection on Writing in E.A. Poe Le Corbeau trans. by St. Mallarmé  Illustr. Edouard Manet (1875) [Unsinnliche Ähnlichkeit: Medienwechsel als Schriftreflexion in E.A. Poe »Le Corbeau« trad. St. Mallarmé  Illustr. Edouard Manet (1875)]
    Symposium: ‘Writing Ball is a Thing like Me: Made of Iron’: Mechanised writing from 1850 to
    1950 [›Schreibkugel ist ein Ding gleich mir: von Eisen‹. Mechanisiertes Schreiben von 1850-1950]

    Swiss National Foundation
    Basel, Switzerland, 1st – 4th April 2004

    After-Image and Echo-Space: Types and Functions of Aesthetic Time Models in Draft Manuscripts [Nachbild und Echoraum: Typen und Funktionen ästhetischer Zeitmodelle in Entwurfshandschriften der Romantik und Moderne]
    Research colloquium: Writing/Culture/Technology [Schrift/Kultur/Technik]
    Helmholtz-Centre for Cultural Technology, Humboldt-University, Berlin, 6th – 7th December 2002

    Récit/écrit: le sujet narratif comme figure de l’écriture chez Edmond Jabès
    Séminaire de l’équipe Manuscrits et linguistique des Institut des textes et manuscrits
    ITEM/CNRS (Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques), Paris, France, 15th March 2001

    Le temps de l’écriture. Quelques remarques sur un problème structural dans les manuscrits littéraires
    Séminaire boursiers of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme
    Paris, France, 25th January 2001

    La rature raturée chez Edmond Jabès
    Séminaire de l’équipe Manuscrits et linguistique des Institut des textes et manuscrits ITEM/CNRS, Paris, France, 11th January 2001

  • Administrative Duties / Memberships

    Administrative Duties / Memberships

    • Chair of Modern English Literature, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU Düsseldorf) (since 2008)
    • Head of Department, Institute of English Studies, HHU Düsseldorf (2008-2010)
    • Director of Faculty Structure Committee (Arts and Humanities), HHU Düsseldorf (since 2013)
    • Member of Faculty Council (Arts and Humanities), HHU Düsseldorf (since 2008)
    • Member of PhD Committee, HHU Düsseldorf (since 2008)
    • Director of Research Institute for Medieval and Renaissance History, Literature and Culture (Fimur), HHU Düsseldorf (since 2012)
    • Co-Director of the Graduate School: “Materiality and Production” HHU Düsseldorf (since 2011)
    • Associated Co-Director, Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich (LMU Munich) (since 2008)
    • Co-Director of Trans-Regional Research Group “World Networks/World Fiction” (since 2004)