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Detailed Page Garcia

Bachelor's in Creative Writing and Latin American Literature from the University of New Mexico. MA in Comparative Literature and Translation from University College London. Fulbright Scholar to Madrid Spain. Participant in the 2019 One Story Writer's Conference, and finalist for the David Meyerson Prize for Fiction. PhD project with the title "The Presence of Haroldo Conti".  

Research Interests


-Creative writing and craft theory

-The writer and the text, intertextuality, metafiction

-North American Literature of the 20th and 21st century

-Latin American Literature of the 20th and 21st century

-Hybridism/Hybrid Theory/Genre

-Cultural Production



My PhD project focuses on translating the work of Argentine writer Haroldo Conti, who was assassinated by the military dictatorship durinig the Proceso de Reorganización Nacional in Argentina, along with analyzing textual responses to totalitarianism and censorship. 

I teach primarily BA creative writing workshops that are connected to some overarching literary theme that can be explored via craft considerations. These workshops are generative, and along with analyzing craft and reading literary and critical texts, students create, workshop, and edit their own work. 

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