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At Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf:

Funded teaching projects

  • “Film and Knowledge”
    Workshop in cooperation with the Flim Museum Düsseldorf
    (Summer Semester 08 - Summer Semester 10)
  • “Everyday narratives”
    Lecture series involving international and inter-disciplinary contributors
    (Summer Semester 2011 - Winter Semester 2011/12)

Research Colloquiums

  • Co-Founder of the Research Colloquium in English and American Literary Studies
  • Co-Founder of the English Literary and Media Studies Research Colloquium (see below)

Seminars and lectures

Methods (Text analysis / film analysis)

  • B.A.: How to Read (WS 16/17)
  • M.A.: Genetic Criticism: Concepts & Case Studies (SS 15)
  • M.A.: The Practice of Reading Literature (WS 14/15)
  • B.A.: TV-Series (WS 13/14)
  • M.A.: Story + Telling: The Logics of the Plot (SS 12)
  • B.A.: Closer! Reading Drama (WS 11/12)
  • M.A.: Comedy (WS 10/11, WS 14/15)
  • M.A.: Studying Film (WS 10/11)
  • B.A.: ‘Reading with a Thesis’: An Introduction to Literary Theory and Cultural History (lecture) (SS 09)

Literature as Medium

  • M.A.: “I'm ready for my close-up”: The Concept of Melodrama (SS 12)
  • M.A.: Understanding Media: The Extension of 19th Century Literature (WS 08/09)
  • B.A.: The Popularity of Literature (Workshop accompanying the symposium) (WS 09/10)
  • M.A.: Pop, Popularity and Popularisation: A Trans-literary Concept (WS 08/09)

Literature and Sociality

  • M.A.: Europe: Inside/Out (SS 16)
  • M.A.: Reading Theories of Europe (SS 16)
  • M.A.: Narrative and Affect, or the Sense of an Ending of Modernity (SS 13)
  • PhD: Non-symbolic Forms of Community (with Reinhold Görling) (SS 12)
  • M.A.: Mysticism (Part II) (WS 11/12)
  • M.A.: Love Poetry from Shakespeare to the Modern Age (WS 11/12)
  • PhD: “Affects” – Research Colloquium (with Reinhold Görling) (WS 11/12)
  • M.A.: Family Drama (SS 11)
  • M.A.: The Novel of Manners (WS 10/11)
  • M.A.: Aesthetic Interaction and Social Practice (WS 09/10)
  • PhD: Systems/Environments vs. Chaosmos: On the Theory of Mediated Processes and Aesthetic Interaction (with Reinhold Görling) (SS 11)

Ethics of Literature

  • M.A.: Ethics of Literature? (WS 16/17)
  • M.A.: How Human is the Novel? (WS 15/16)
  • M.A.: Early Modern Tragedy (SS 11)
  • M.A.: The Polities of Contemporary Drama (WS 09/10)
  • M.A.: William Blake: Radical Popular Culture and Religious Imagination (SS 08)

Genre and History

  • B.A.: William Blake’s Art of Writing (WS 15/16)
  • M.A.: Modernisms  (SS 14)
  • M.A.: Realisms (SS 14)
  • M.A.: 18th Century Aesthetic Theory  (WS 13/14)
  • M.A.: Gothic Fiction (WS 13/14)
  • M.A.: Shakespearean Tragedy (SS 13)
  • M.A.: The Other Genre: Theory and Practice of the Modern Novel (SS 13)
  • M.A.: Romance and Fiction (SS 10)
  • B.A.: Romanticism (SS 10)
  • M.A.: The Worlds of Romanticism (WS 09/10)
  • B.A.: Metaphysical Poetry (SS 09)
  • B.A.: From Shakespeare to Wilde: How Funny is Comedy? (WS 08/09)


Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich (1999-2008)


Compulsory core modules in the departments of English Philology and General & Comparative Literary Studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as in the post-graduate programme (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”)

Introductory courses

  • Introduction to General and Comparative Literary Sciences (2006/07, 2005/06, 2002/03)
  • M.A.: Shakespearean Tragedy (WS 07/08)
  • M.A.: Décadence – the Prose of Decay (WS 07/08)
  • M.A.: Romantic Poetry (WS 07/08)
  • M.A.: How Theatrical is Theatre? (with Stephen Packard) (WS 07/08)
  • M.A.: Contemporary Drama as Political Theatre (SS 07)
  • M.A.: Popular Culture – Popular Literature? Hornby, Ellis, Kureishi, Welsh, Smith (SS 07)
  • M.A.: ‘March on, World Literature!’: On the History of a Concept in England and Germany (SS 07)
  • B.A.: Studying Narrative (SS 07)
  • B.A.: Comedy of the 18th Century: Steele, Goldsmith, Sheridan, Marivaux, Lessing (WS 06/07)
  • B.A.: Pop-Literature: Hornby, Ellis, Stuckrad-Barre, Kracht, Goetz (SS 06)
  • B.A.: Contemporary Drama as Political Theatre: Ravenhill, Kane, Brecht, Pollesch (SS 06)
  • B.A.: Realism: Thackeray, Dickens, Stendhal, Fontane, Dostojewskij (SS 05)
  • PhD: Workshop: “On Contextualization in Literary Studies” (SS 05)
  • B.A.: Drama in the Early Modern Period: Shakespeare, Webster, Calderón, Racine (with Virginia Richter) (WS 04/05)
  • PhD: Workshop: “The Inside of Texts’ Outside” (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”) (WS 04/05)
  • B.A.: What is ‘Text’? (SS 04)
  • PhD: Workshop: “On the Eventfulness of Literary Texts” (Academy Tutzing) (SS 04)
  • B.A.: Film Analysis for Literary Scholars (with Sebastian Donat) (WS 03/04)
  • PhD: Workshop: “The Outside of Texts’ Inside” (WS 03/04)
  • B.A.: Studying Poetry (SS 03)
  • B.A.: Intermediality – Poe, Mallarmé and Manet (SS 03)
  • B.A.: Media History of Literature? (WS 02/03)
  • B.A.: Theory of Authorship: Auster, Goetz, Ponge (SS 02)
  • B.A.: Introduction to Analytical Aesthetics: Twombly, Mapplethorpe (WS 01/02)
  • B.A.: Literature as Discourse: On the Literary Theory of Michel Foucault (SS 01)
  • B.A.: Theories of Reading (SS 00)
  • B.A.: Systems Theory as Method of Literary Scholarship: Sterne and Diderot (WS 99/00)