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Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

Since 2008
Chair of Modern English Literature, Head of Department
Institute for English and American Studies, HHUD

Winter Semester 2007/08
Acting-Chair of General and Comparative Literary Studies
LMU, Munich

Summer Semester 2007
Acting Chair of English Studies
LMU, Munich

Winter Semester 2007
Habilitation (‘second book’): Ästhetische Souveränität und das politische Imaginäre des 18. Jahrhunderts. Zur Schreibkunst von William Blake [Aesthetic Sovereignty and the Political Imagination of the 18th Century: on William Blake’s Art of Writing]
Supervisors: Profs. Christoph Bode, Hendrik Birus, Hans Walter GablerExaminers: Profs. Ulla Haselstein, Christoph Reinfandt
LMU, Munich

Summer Semester 2006
Research and Teaching Fellow in the research project: “Beginnings of/in the Modern Age”, funded by DFG (German Research Foundation)
Research-project on the beginnings of the Anglo-American concept of ‘world literature’ in the field of national philologies. Director: Prof. Dr. Inka Mülder-Bach (LMU, Munich)

Winter Semester 2003/04
Academic Coordinator
Graduate School “Literary Studies” (International PhD Programme),
funded by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and DFG
LMU, Munich
Duties included: coordination and organisation of classes; supervision of participating doctoral candidates; organisation of publicity events and marketing; financial administration; selection of candidates; organisation of extra-curricular events and activities; internal evaluation; coordination with non-academic university departments (for example, international office, student council, central student counselling) and the DAAD; fundraising and alumni care.

Winter Semester 2002/03-Summer Semester 2003
Acting Assistant Professor of General and Comparative Literary Studies
LMU, Munich

Winter Semester 2001/2002
Research and Teaching Fellow in the Research Project “Compendium of Textual Scholarship”,
funded by DFG
LMU, Munich

Winter Semester 2000/01-Summer Semester 2001
Post-doctoral scholarship,
funded by DAAD and the Maison des sciences de l’homme, Paris

PhD (summa cum laude)
LMU, Munich
Dissertation: “Das Revisionssystem von Henry James” [The Revisionary System of Henry James]
Supervisor: Prof. Hans Walter Gabler
Examiners: Profs. Hendrik Birus, Ulla Haselstein.

Research Scholar in the Graduate School “Text criticism as Foundation and Method of the Historical Disciplines”,
funded by DFG
LMU, Munich
Director: Prof. Hans Walter Gabler

Magister Artium (1,6)
LMU, Munich
Major: English; Minor: Comparative Studies, Spanish Literary Studies.
Magister thesis: “Form und Funktion des Fantastischen” [On the Form and Function of Fantastic Literature]
Supervisors: Profs. Hans Walter Gabler and Werner Wolf.

Visiting Student
English Department, Birbeck College, University of London

Visiting Student
“Lengua y Literatura Hispánicas“,
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (México, D.F.)

Visiting Student
Universidad de Sevilla: “Lengua y Literatura Hispánicas”.

Part-Time Technical Translator (English > German):
AT/T, Siemens/Nixdorf, CompuServe, Microsoft, Markt und Technik, Lucent Technologies, Sybex, mitp.