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Conferences/Symposia/Event Organisation

Conferences / Symposia / Event Organisation

22nd-23rd Jan. 2015
Workshop Organiser: “The Materiality of Literary Production - Genetic Readings”
(with Hans Walter Gabler, Dirk van Hulle, Ronan Crowley)

HHU Düsseldorf

23th-24th May 2014
Workshop Organiser: Environment/Umwelt.” Workshop organized by research group "World Networks/Fictional Worlds"
HHU Düsseldorf

6th-7th Nov. 2013
Workshop Organiser: “Aesthetic Sovereignty” [Aesthetische Souveränität]

HHU Düsseldorf 

Winter term 2013 / 14
Convener of the lecture series
“Possible Worlds”: lecture series of the “Research Institute for the Middle Ages and the Renaissance” (FIMUR)
HHU Düsseldorf

27th Sept. 2013
Supervisor of the English and American Studies Department contribution to the first SCIENCITY DÜSSELDORF 2013

Funded by ERC (European Research Council)
HHU Düsseldorf

May-July 2012
Convener of the lecture series “Little House of Horrors: Case Studies on Film” (with Sven Ondrazek MA)

HHU Düsseldorf

15th-17th Apr. 2010
Conference Organiser: “Violence and Theatricality”[Gewalt und Theatralität] (with Prof. Reinhold Görling, Media Studies)

Funded by DFG
Schauspielhaus (Municipal Theatre) Düsseldorf

7th-10th Jan. 2010
Conference Organiser: “The Popularity of Literature” [
Die Popularität der Literatur],
Funded by Dr. Günther- and Imme-Wille-Foundation.
Malkasten, Düsseldorf

20th-23rd Sept. 2009
Organiser and Moderator of the panel: “Historicising the Popular” (with Prof. Christian Huck, Kiel)

Annual National Conference of English Studies 2009, University of Klagenfurt

20th-23rd Sept. 2009
Forum Convener and Moderator:
“The Unity of the Subject of English Studies: Who wants it? Who practices it?  How is it created?” [Die Einheit des Fachs ‘Anglistik: Wer will sie? Wer praktiziert sie? Worin besteht sie?] with Profs. Liselotte Anderwald (Kiel), Ute Berns (Hamburg) and Christian Huck (Kiel).
Annual National Conference of English Studies 2009, University of Klagenfurt

25th-28th Mar. 2009
Organiser of the round table discussion
Methods in English and American Culture, Language and Literature Studies (with Profs. Lieselotte Anderwald, Alexander Bergs, Ute Berns, Christian Huck, Birgit Neumann and Erik Redling).
Funded by DFG.
Bad Bederkesa Conference Centre

3rd-17th Aug. 2008
Organiser and Moderator:
Semiotic Guerrilla” at “FICTION + REALITY: Resisting Texts 1900-2008”
LMU Munich, Summer School

11th-12th July 2008
Workshop Organiser: “Tabula Rasa and Zero Points” for the Research Group, “Beginnings of/in the Modern Age” [Anfänge (in) der Moderne]
(with Prof. Aage Hansen-Löve)
LMU Munich

15th-16th April 2008
Symposium Organiser: Poetic Justice [Poetische Gerechtigkeit]
(with Profs. Viriginia Richter, Sebastian Donat, Stephan Packard)
Funded by DFG
Siemens-Foundation Munich

8th-9th July 2006
Symposium Organiser: “Libraries after Babel” [Bibliotheken nach Babel]

Kloster Seeon Conference Centre (Graduate School “Literary Studies”)
Funded by DAAD
LMU Munich

Winter term 2005/06
Convener of the lecture series:
European Drama of the Modern Period” [Theater im Aufbruch: Das europäischen Drama der Frühen Neuzeit] (with Virginia Richter)
LMU Munich

Convenor of the concluding panel discussion at Münchener Kammerspiele [Municipal Theatre],  with Andreas Höfele, Sigrid Löffler, Marion Tiedtke, Lars Ole Walburg.

18th-19th June 2005
Symposium Organiser: “Poetry and the Literary Sciences” [Poesie und Literaturwissenschaft]
(Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, LMU Munich)
Kloster Seeon Conference Centre

8th-12th September 2004
Panel Organiser: Literature and Science: Theoretical and Historical Approaches

Conference of the European Society of English Studies, Zaragoza, Spain

2nd-4th July 2004
Colloquium Organiser of the International Doctorate Colloquium of the “Paris Program in Critical Theory”
(Prof. Samuel Weber, Northwestern University, Evanston) and the Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, Munich (Prof. Dr. Ulla Haselstein)
Amerikahaus, Munich

19th-20th June 2004
Symposium Organiser:
Beginning: Methods and Functions” [Anfänge: Verfahren und Funktionen], (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, LMU Munich)
Kloster Seeon Conference Centre

5th-7th Dec 2003
Symposium Organiser: “Theory and Aesthetics of Repetition” [Theorie und Ästhetik der Wiederholung]
(Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, LMU Munich)
Kloster Seeon Conference Centre

24th-26th Jan 2002
Symposium Organiser:
Text and Border: The Borders of the Text” [Text und Grenze: Die Grenzen des Textes] (with Wolfgang Streit, and Cristina Urchueguía)
Funded by Volkswagen-Foundation
Brenner Archive, University of Innsbruck

24th-28th July 2002
Symposium Organiser: “Textual Criticism as the Challenge of Cultural Theory”
[Textkritik als Herausforderung der Kulturwissenschaft] (Graduate School: “Literary Studies”, LMU Munich)
Kloster Seeon Conference Centre

27th July - 2nd Aug. 1998
Symposium Organiser of “Text and Author” [Text und Autor]

(Graduate School:  “Textual Criticism” [Textkritik], LMU Munich)
Venice International University