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Research as Practice

Research as Practice at Modern English Literature covers poetry, prose and drama throughout literary history from 1550 to today. Theories of gender, ecology, new materialism, and posthumanism are used to deepen our understanding of these literary practices. We focus especially on the genesis of literary texts and the study of writing processes. Furthermore, we examine literature as a form of work, and we explore how literature re-invents the concept of working.

The work of literature describes, imagines, models, and re-invents practices of work throughout historical periods and across literary genres. Furthermore, literary texts themselves are produced under the socio-economic, historical, critical, and creative working conditions of writing processes. Literature emerges in writing scenes, in which work, world, and words become entangled into the critical and creative ecologies shared by human and more-than-human agencies.

Our commitment to practice-oriented research also informs out research-oriented teaching. Please click here to learn more.